Teeth Lengthening and ZOOM! Whitening in Charlotte NC

Sissy had a “gummy” smile, with too much gum showing. She opted for teeth lengthening, which is removing a bit of gum from the teeth to make them appear longer. She also had ZOOM! Whitening to dramatically brighten her teeth in just one visit. Now, she loves the way her smile looks.

Teeth Lengthening and ZOOM! Whitening in Charlotte NC

I had a nice smile, I would say, but my gums always felt little bit… Uhm, I had a gummy smile. I had more gums than I did teeth. Not that much, but I noticed it. And when someone pointed it out to me, I really recognized it.

So, teeth lengthening is more like just taking a little piece of gum off of your teeth — those that you want — and just making your teeth look longer. It was a very easy procedure. It wasn’t very painful; I really didn’t feel anything. It didn’t hurt or anything.

Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne was a great choice for me to get my teeth done here. Because I was looking at the testimonials online and I really liked how other people’s teeth looked and I’m very happy with my smile now. Very happy.

So, if you’re looking to have procedures done like I did — like teeth whitening, teeth lengthening, veneers, crowns — I recommend Dr. Harrell at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne.