Dental advances for Charlotte denture wearers

There are millions of denture wearers in the U.S., and a significant number of them are not fully satisfied with the results. While dentures are probably the simplest, most affordable dental reconstruction treatment for replacing missing teeth, they can have their drawbacks. Some dentures don’t fully match the appearance of natural teeth, so they never seem “right” to the eye. Plus, many wearers have a hard time getting a proper fit for their dentures, which makes eating and speaking an ongoing challenge. Even though dentures have advanced tremendously in recent years, many dentists do not fully utilize the capabilities of modern denture technology.

On the other hand, Dr. Robert Harrell at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne stays on top of every breakthrough. His patients always reap the benefits of the latest advances in dental reconstruction, Over the years he has helped countless numbers of patients improve the aesthetics and function of their dentures. Adult Dentistry patients receive custom-made dentures that have much more realistic tooth shape, color and alignment. The gum portion of the dentures are extremely lifelike and far more comfortable and functional than older variants. Dr. Harrell works with all of his denture-wearing patients to ensure that they are able to speak, eat, chew and smile with comfort and pride.

If you are unhappy with the look and/or fit of your current dentures or require a set to reconstruct your smile, call Adult Dentistry today at 704-541-9888 or use the contact form on this page to set up a free, no-obligation smile consultation with Dr. Harrell. At your exam, a complimentary digital smile preview (an $85 value) will be created to show how your smile will look with your new dentures.