3D Dental Technology – Cone Beam X-rays

3D Cone Beam radiography provides an amazing image of a patient’s mouth, giving a far more accurate picture of his or her dental needs. It is always used for same-day implants and is very patient friendly. This technology makes it easy for us to see any problems and show and explain them to our patients. 3D Cone Beam x-rays can reveal issues that might be missed with conventional 2D x-rays.

3D Dental Technology in Charlotte NC – Cone Beam Imaging

So one of the new patient-friendly technologies we’ve introduced recently is the 3D digital Cone Beam radiography. Cone Beam radiography is basically a 3D x-ray, and it’s an amazing tool for being able to find and diagnose problems that we wouldn’t typically see with a conventional 2D x-ray.

The advancements with 3D Cone Beam technology allow us to do a much more accurate diagnosis for every patient that presents in our office. The utilization of the Cone Beam technology also allows us to place same-day implants. The 3D Cone Beam technology is a very patient-friendly technology. It simply requires that the patients stand inside the machine and then the machine rotates around the patient’s head to capture the digital image.

Once the 3D digital image has been captured, we can spend time in consultation with the patient and really give them an accurate assessment of what’s happening in their mouth. The 3D digital images produced from the Cone Beam technology provide an image that’s infinitely clear. It’s now super-easy for us to see and explain to our patients what the problems are that we’ve found and how we’ve proposed to fix them.

With our advanced technologies such as the 3D Cone Beam x-ray, it’s just one more reason that you can trust you’ll receive expert care here at Adult Dentistry of Ballantyne. We’re happy to help. Fill out the contact form on this page or give us a call.